Our 100% natural mattress toppers have a 2" layer of super soft (LGU) dunlop rubber latex, complete with a comfort layer of pure New Zealand hi bulk wool and a zipped-on organic cotton cover. These long lasting toppers provide the ultimate healthy comfort solution for a too hard mattress with no toxic off-gassing to worry about.

If your current mattress is:

  • Feeling too hard
  • Creating compression on shoulders, hips or back muscles

You may already have added some comfort layers such as:

  • Egg crate polyurethane foam
  • Memory foam
  • Feather bed

But these may not last very long, may cause overheating, sniffles and eye irritations. A healthier, more comfortable, and long-lasting choice is a Dunlop Rubber 2" pillow topper. And if you later decide the complete Latex Mattress by SnugSleep is for you, tell your retailer you want to use your 2" topper in your new 8" mattress - not only saving you money but helping the environment too.