1. Certified Organic - Certified Organic Cotton and Wool Cover

Natural, Clean & Healthy. The non-woven organic cotton cover allows for increased breath-ability that boasts a classically soft feel, which pairs perfectly with our Natural Wool. The natural wool regulates heat; wicking excessive moisture away from the body to create an optimal sleeping environment.

2. No Harmful Chemicals

Natures Sleep are assembled with no hazardous chemical based glues. The use of glue to attach the interior layers prevents individualized comfort and can additionally create a fire hazard. In addition the absence of glue allows you to customize the firmness of your mattress by changing out the different layers.

3. Plant-based ingredients. Petroleum-free.

Natures Sleep is Petro-Chemical Free, CVC Free,  (No Polyeuethane Foams) Natures Sleep Latex is simple the best material for Sleep, which ever model you choose we have both Dunlop and Talalay process latex to cater to the individual sleepers needs.

4. You Have Options. Customizable.

Customize your firmness. With multiple available settings to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect balance. Enjoy the individual freedom that comes when your personal needs align seamlessly with supreme comfort.

5. Talalay / Dunlop Process

Unique Benefits that only Talalay latex provides. The first thing to be aware of is that Talalay Latex is utilized by mattress manufacturers in three distinct ways.

There are three options available to get the uplifting benefits of Talalay Latex:

Talalay Latex Mattress –

The GOLD standard. These beds are built using Talalay Latex for pressure the relief layer(s) in the top of the mattress and firmer Talalay Latex for the support layer(s) below. There are no other materials between the latex and your body. This construction provides for deepest muscle relaxation with maximum dynamic support.

Talalay Latex Hybrid Mattress –

These bed design use at least three inches of Talalay Latex in the very top pressure relief layer against your body. Other foam based pressure relief layers might also be included below the latex. Hybrid designs utilize a non-Talalay Latex support system or layer below. Common support materials include metal coils, polyurethane foam or Dunlop latex. These beds provide many but not all Talalay Latex benefits and can be less costly than a full Talalay Latex Mattress.

Mattresses with Talalay Latex –

Some mattresses use less than 3 inches of Talalay Latex and/or create their pressure relieving layer with memory foam/polyurethane foam on top of the Talalay Latex. While these may be high quality mattresses your Talalay Latex experience will be diluted. The more Talalay Latex is covered with foam or fiber, the less benefit you receive.

No Fluff

To get maximum uplifting benefits from Talalay Latex, it needs to be in direct contact with your body. Conventional mattresses frequently have very thick pressure relief layers or "pillow tops" filled with polyester fiber and/or foam. Think about it, Latex is the highest quality ingredient you can have in any mattress. Why would you place inferior layers on top of it? That would be like putting ketchup on your steak.

The Uplifting Feel That Delights … And Delivers

Talalay latex mattresses have a light, buoyant feel that gently lifts your body, to relax your muscles and relieving tension. It instantly responds to the shape of your body relieving pressure 33% better then memory foam while offering perfectly calibrated support. It is naturally breathable, hypoallergenic, mold & mildew proof and dust mite resistant, making it one of the healthiest sleep materials in the world.